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Polefitness is the new total body workout that introduces the dancepole as a fitness device. Pole fitness, an effective and attrative exercise for modern day women. Strength and endurance trained in a fun and entertaining way. This class will burn more calories than your average session at the gym and will certainly provide more muscle tone.

Pole-dancing is one of the fastest growing exercise options in the world.

It works the entire body, toning the legs, stomach, bottom and arms. It works on strength and toning, using a person’s own body weight rather than building muscle on a machine- resulting in lean and shapely curves. Pole fitness is an effective and attractive workout for modern day women who are looking for a fun and entertaining way to get in shape.

In Pole fitness, we use techniques from traditional poledancing routines, as well as techniques originating from gymnastics .The result is a high impact workout, that’s unlike any previous fitness exercise.  During a Pole fitness session a large variety of muscles is being trained unlike other fitness session where you just focus on one group of muscles.

After a couple of sessions doing Polefitness you should be successfully be able to do several moves and spins on the pole and your strength and endurance will have increased greatly.

During the class you need to be able to complete the warm up session, grip the pole effectively, have freedom of movement and feel good so you need to ensure you are wearing the correct clothing.  

 It is not advisable to wear tracksuit bottoms as bare legs are essential if you want to grip on to the pole (you will slip with tights or trousers on). The ideal outfit is a pair of fairly short shorts or hot-pants, and something comfortable and attractive, but not restrictive on your top half.

You should bring some trainers for the warm up session and ideally high heels for the rest of the class. Heels have the advantage of to giving you that strut and helping you feel the part. The ideal shoes have high heels and a plastic strap across the top of the foot.


Pole dancing is a form of dance which incorporates spinning moves, static poles, inverted positions and transitional dance using an upright pole. The specific skills needed are flexibility, strength and body awareness.

There are many combinations of moves, most requiring the ability to hold the entire body weight and manipulate the body into complicated positions. Other  moves, particularly inverted ones, require the friction between skin and the pole. It can be adapted to any style of music by changing the pace and how moves are executed. When performed correctly pole dancing can be sensational to watch.

Most dancers have alternative way of performing tricks and routines which is why pole dancing is unique, unlike many professional genre of dance which have strict techniques. Guiding the process of carrying out particular moves.

Pole dancing can be as easy or as difficult as a dancer chooses, meaning almost anyone can learn and progress and adapt their style as they wish to. This is why no two pole dancing routines will be the same. Dancers have the freedom to perform the most commonly used tricks and then experimented and find their own individual ones ultimately resulting in an ever expanding variety of pole tricks.

Dance is the skill of movement, body position, lines and interpretation to music. Classical dance is judged on not only technical moves but also on the lines a dancer makes with movement and timing to music.  

More modern dance also uses this including nightclub dancers who takes one from changes in music or beats.

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